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I'm Fardeen Mir, a Graphic Designer and small business owner based in London, UK. Here you can explore through my Brand Work and Artwork.

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Within this section, you'll find work related to my brand, FardeenEdits. It includes materials used for promoting and marketing on social media as well as ad platforms (Meta Ads)

I aim to maintain a consistent look and message for my brand, focusing on simplicity and keeping things minimal when possible.

A key aspect of my creative process is understanding the needs and preferences of consumers, and it often guides the final outcome of my work. As a result, I devote attention to social media content creation as it plays a pivotal role in connecting with and engaging my target audience.

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| Brand Colours


Midnights Collection  Advertising Material



'Karma' Social Media Post


Anime Prints Advertising Material


'In-Yun' (Past Lives)

FardeenEdits Cont.


'Not Strong Enough' Social Media Post

Navigating Challenges

One challenge I faced in expanding my reach and attracting new subscribers to my mailing list revolved around driving traffic to my website. While the products I sell and promote were appealing in their own right, I sensed an opportunity to engage a wider audience, including those who might not be immediate buyers. This realisation prompted me to develop a collection of free wallpapers featuring popular designs.

The introduction of these complimentary wallpapers resulted in a significant surge in website visits and conversions. This innovative approach effectively addressed two key challenges simultaneously: increasing website traffic and growing my mailing list subscriber base.


'Karma' Phone Wallpaper


'Not Strong Enough' Phone Wallpaper


Wallpapers Promotional Material


Through my artistic endeavors, I delve into themes and concepts that hold personal significance to me. Frequently, I encounter situations where words fall short in capturing the nuances of a particular emotion, idea, or concept I wish to convey. My primary wellspring of inspiration derives from the realms of film, music, and anime. These distinct areas of interest intersect in a way that may seem unique to many, serving as a driving force for my art. With my artwork, I aspire to bridge the divide between individuals and unfamiliar concepts, thus facilitating a broader understanding - one that I only began to appreciate when I delved into the medium myself.

An emphasis is placed on the utilisation of colours in my work, as you may readily observe the incorporation of vivid and striking hues. I believe that these colours possess the innate ability to convey emotional depth and significance, adding an additional layer of expression to my creations. 

With each new piece I hope to challenge both my skillset and thought process, so I can further grow 

Vivid SelenaPastel-2.jpg
fill-print-snow-copy (NXPowerLite Copy).png
The record text  square_edited.jpg
IG Post baby-keem.png