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Fardeen Mir

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

An analytical and creative thinker, with a passion for Art and Graphic Design, alongside a strong ambition to expand and refine my knowledge. While studying for my Bachelor's degree in Biology, I discovered a new-found love for art and graphic design, which led me to explore the field deeper over the last few years by initially creating simple designs, and then moving onto creating art prints and branding materials to use for my own business and clients. During this, I’ve gained a lot of experience using multiple design platforms with the aim to explore and experiment, allowing me to broaden my skill set, as well as discover new techniques and ideas to help me grow creatively. Through the use of social media, alongside my experience running advertising campaigns through Meta’s Ads Manager, I've gained insight into gaining followers and growing a brand, while also gaining more experience analysing data in order to improve performance. I enjoy looking at tasks from different perspectives and understanding the importance of it, as it can help to find new and potentially better ways of completing it. Establishing my own brand has given me this experience multiple times, alongside the opportunity to run my own business.

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